Dripp Coffee | Davis Ink

    Client: Dripp Coffee

    • Coffee Shop

    June 3, 2023

    Dripp coffee boutique is an edgy, progressive alternative to the traditional coffee house. Located in Chino Hills, CA, this unexpected concept puts life into the otherwise quiet suburban surroundings. The interior was developed from the idea that the product should act in conjunction with the space to really showcase Dripp’s distinctive specialty. Raw elements such as reclaimed wood walls and floors contrast with different metals in the furniture and light fixtures to add balance and create an unexpected harmony. Industrial materials find unconventional applications as rough wood slabs are used as tables and counters in the dining area and wooden paneling creates a checkerboard pattern on walls. Finishes include wood, steel, distressed leather, custom upholstery, and oxidized iron.

    Transforming the product into art itself; wood and steel custom shelving display a collection of antique coffee grinders collected by the client over many years. Used lockers act as display cases to anchor the central bar. The mezzanine overhead offers guests a cozy living room atmosphere to experience. The outdoor patio brings the indoors out with sliding glass window wall, twinkling lights hanging from the custom salvaged wood trellis and paint can planters. The overall design is intended to feel warm and inviting with an industrial organic aesthetic.