Riviera Magazine: Fluxx Nightclub

Davis Ink

July 28, 2016

By Chantal Gordon

Call it the tale of two bar concepts.

On one side are the much-gabbed-about speakeasies (and we thought loose lips sank ships?); and on the other are the go-for-broke, multisensory nightlife rodeos that are the Vegas-style clubs. Fluxx, which opened this weekend in the Gaslamp, is decidedly the latter.

And you know what? We’re into it! The concept: high energy, touchy-feely, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink. Stacked logs mingle with modern rock gardens and backlit acrylic marble envisioned by interior designer Davis Krumins; and thanks to creative director (and sculptor and fashion designer) Anna Watson Sindelar, we can expect rotating aesthetic concepts and performance art. And the dancefloor? Circular, sunken and enormous. A 15-foot rope chandelier dangles overhead like a mothership. At this weekend’s opening, we danced out the late hours thanks to solid beats (think Ting Tings and 1990s hip-hop) provided by DJ Cobra. Talk about a blast from the halcyon past.