Restaurant and Bar Design: Parq Restaurant & Nightclub – Davis Ink

Davis Ink

March 23, 2015

Parq Restaurant and Nightclub creates an experience from the moment guests enter, to the time the night is over. Designed by Davis Ink, the brand new restaurant and nightclub leads guests through a park-like atmosphere. The designers created the ‘Parq’ theme to make the whole space a playground for adults.


The restaurant and nightclub share the same entrance, so the designers utilised this as an opportunity to combine experiences. The focus was on going from an outdoor, informal, organic space and transitioning into a highly theatrical and visually stimulating environment. At the unassuming entrance are two large, glass, roll-up garage doors, (above) leading to a custom-designed ‘biomorphic shaped vertical garden’ filling the space with various greenery. Organic and raw materials define the space, including evergreen yucca trees, reclaimed wood and plant life.


The aim of the Vertical Garden is to create a street presence in San Diego. The designers wanted it to be ‘highly dramatic but at the same time very inviting and organic,’ creating a teaser for whats inside. Natural elements form a contrast between themselves and the industrial structure, where aged brick and mesh are exposed. The restaurant is the beginning of a magical journey into the park with exaggerated garden elements such as LED trees, curvilinear industrial trellises enclosed by ivy, and decorative iron gating set into concrete.


On the right, is the restaurant’s very own ladies lounge equipped with floor to ceiling tufted upholstery, backlit perfume boxes, and custom oversized hand mirrors.


The restaurant bar houses a custom mirror and Edison bulb feature with a central candelabra sculptural element. It also acts as the private bar for the ladies lounge with it’s own window accessible only to those inside. The bar is composed out of the materials you would find in a park such as concrete, greenery, an iron gate, reclaimed wood and peeled white washed wood. It features custom mirrors and clusters of yucca trees. Open space in the restaurant welcomes guests to wander through it, inviting visitors to wander on, towards the night club space.
A tunnel becomes a transitional, low ceiling compressed space, breaking into a huge open ceiling. A stroll through this compact stone tunnel, lit by flickering chandeliers forms a route through to the main space of the nightclub.


Parq Nightclub
This theme of contrasting typical park elements such as concrete flooring, exposed brick, and green, garden elements was also brought into the nightclub: mixing rich, reclaimed wood paneling with raw industrial steel. The tunnel itself bridges the two spaces together with glimmering chandeliers juxtaposed with old stone walls and antique mirrors. The nightclub takes exaggerated garden elements and adds more luxurious textures such as velvet booth upholstery, warm walnut wood tones, and stone, mixing it with theatrical components. For example the custom metal tree branch dividers at the 40’-0” long bar with backlit agate stone imagery transferred to acrylic which plays with the idea of organic and modern technology. The circular bar in the nightclub was designed with an custom soffit composed of undulating silver wood beams, and a black and white chevron tile bar face. The main bar features a backlit purple agate acrylic panel bar face, with a thick black granite bar top frame.


This space uses contrasting textures and colours to entice the senses such as custom patchwork booth upholstery inspired by one of Davis’ vintage jackets and an alternating black and white stripe restroom creates a contrast that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


A cluster of acrylic tubes refract light in a soft glow at the back wall which wraps around from the wall overhead to the ceiling above. The custom staggering tube lighting was created using frosted acrylic tubes combined with theatrical lighting allowing them to pulse to the music. The three gold-leaf ‘branch pendants’, over the VIP booths were an example of combining organic with sexy and sophisticated. The lighting design for the entire interior was created by Steve Lieberman, of SJ Lighting Inc. Designers used lighting to emphasise all of the architectural features such as LEDs lining the main bar’s champagne display boxes. With hundreds of individual wood boxes, each bottle is outlined with LED lighting that frames the main bar. This bottle display which dances around the existing window openings above the main bar creates three arches, satisfying the historical requirements of the job, while creating an opportunity for a sculptural back bar. The champagne display boxes are outlined in led pixel tape so they can work with the music, spell out words, and create a visual light show. All lighting was designed to work independently setting moods, or to work as part of the light show in conjunction with the music.


Overall, the most effective part of this project design was the creation of two very different spaces with different experiences, that can both work independently but also work together as a whole.


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