Hospitality Design: Hand Cut

Davis Ink

April 18, 2017

Hand Cut - - Restaurant and Bar DesignPriding itself on sustainability, Hand Cut in Scottsdale, Arizona, the newest from Riot Hospitality Group, sources only quality, grass-fed beef from local Arizona ranches using windmills and solar energy—as well as those spirited cowboys—to provide superior meat from an ecofriendly system. The design by Davis Krumins of Costa Mesa, California-based Davis Ink complements those eco-conscious values, which he describes as “good old-fashioned Americana with a healthy edge.

While relying on straightforward elements (exposed duct-work, raw concrete, wood planks, and old brick) to form a base structure, high drama is achieved by “bringing people into a cozy but somewhat bizarre (in a good way) entry vestibule,” he explains. Artwork that depicts meat cleavers, knives, and saws adorn the wall and ceiling and, when combined with elegant pieces like yellow Roosevelt tufted chairs on artificial grass carpets, a harmonized, utilitarian, and decorative blend is created.

High ceilings and various lighting fixtures—like the crystal chandelier that hangs above the ice cream bar and steel cage lighting suspended over banquettes—establish an effortless transition from a casual and approachable lunch spot by day to a moody and sophisticated experience by night. The space, broken into vignettes, directs guests on a journey to “experience the display kitchen, the food preparation area, art features, and visual surprises,” Krumins says.

Hand Cut - - Restaurant and Bar DesignThe central area draws visitors deeper into the space, where black and white floor tiles continue up the rectangular bar front and stile and rail is used unexpectedly as detailing for an overhead soffit for a “warm, cozy” addition, that’s at “the same time extremely funky,” he explains. The sea foam green bar ceiling also points to the booth walls that host life-size gilded buffalo heads framed inside traditional wood panels. Those quirky touches—along with plaid and cowhide upholstery and bright green chairs for outdoor dining—“reflect the spirit of the project,” he says. It’s “straightforward, honest, and open to experimentation.”

Livestock artwork along with fresh and synthetic greenery throughout emphasize Hand Cut’s cultural approach, while some of Krumins’ more unique choices, such as an image of a butcher with knives reminiscent of Daniel Day Lewis’ infamous character in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York, keep the space unpredictable. Painted along the entire ceiling of the entrance way, the mural (the face is approximately 10 feet tall by itself) is a commanding presence that is playfully contrasted by two innocent sheep statues that hold the front doors open.

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